Grid Carbo

GRID CARBO is a modern alternative to standard methods of wall protection during the decommissioning process.

The GRID CARBO grid (40-1200) is made of high-strength polyester fibres, characterized by a high rigidity modulus and low creep coefficient. The fibres also have antistatic properties, are non-flammable and resistant to corrosion.

We offer GRID CARBO with the full fastening system.

Places of application:

  • Mining sites: methane-free and methane-bearing fields, headings of methane explosion hazard class A, B or C and dust coal explosion hazard class A or B (hard coal mines), underground headings of mining operations extracting primary and common products (zinc and lead, copper ore and salt mines) without any methane explosion hazard class or dust coal explosion hazard class
  • Hard coal mines
  • Highway engineering and construction industry
  • Other industries (as required)

Application type

  • Protection of lower coal beds
    Protection of roof and side wall of driven headings (instead of steel mesh or bentonite)
    Roof caving
  • Heading lagging with high strength for surrounding rocks
  • Strengthening of filling walls and creation of filling partitions.
  • Application of GRID CARBO to a filling wall or partitioning
  • Strengthening excavations with a corroded steel mesh
  • Securing the excavation floor
  • Shotcreting of excavations (as additional reinforcement)
  • Securing the ceiling during mining into thick bed layers
  • Installation of a transport section for liquidation of wall equipment
  • Liquidated and reinforced wall sections
  • Other


  • Simple assembly (small workforce required)
  • High reliability
  • Good integrity
  • Safe installation
GRID CARBO grid (cladding) type
Specifications 40 50 60 100 200 400 600 800 1000 1200
Elongation [%] ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13 ≤13
Tensile strength [kN/m] longitudinal 40 50 60 100 200 400 600 800 1000 1200
transverse 40 50 60 100 200 400 600 800 1000 1200
Mesh size [mm] 100×100 50×50 60×60 50×50 30×30 53×40 46×33 40×30 40×25 40×25
Elongation at break point [%] 13±3
Colour White, uniform
Fire resistance / Antistatic properties Compliance with MT 141-2005, NCB 245:1985 standards and international FRAS certificate
Surface resistance [Ω] ≤ 1×109
Flammability class V-0
Average burning time [s] ≤3
Average glow time [s] ≤10
Oxygen index [%] ≥21
Width [m] Width 1-50m or other
Length [m] Standard length up to 50m; custom designs up to 400 or other
Corrosion prevention No corrosion (rusting) or ageing
Chemical resistance Resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemical compounds
Environmental impact Friendly to the natural environment and safe for contact with people

GRID CARBO vs metal grid

Technical properties

Type Width [m] Strength [kN/m] Elongation [%] Width [kg/m2] Mesh size [mm]
Metal grid 0.8~2 170~190 >12 1.5~3.0 30~80
Grid Carbo As needed 30~1000 <13 0.36~3.6 10~30

Performance properties

Type Assembly Operation Reliability Safe installation Integrity
Metal grid Complicated and ineffective Many workers Suspension and connection of grids Risky Low integrity,
connection needed
Grid Carbo Simple and highly efficient Few workers High Safe Large surfaces, no
assembly required, good integrity

The standards and manuals are developed in compliance with applicable laws, including:

Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 28 June 2002 “On occupational health and safety, operations and specialized fire protection in underground mining plants” (Dz. U. No. 139 item 1169 and of 2006, No. 124, item 863), with particular reference to:

360. “Chemical materials and plastic products used in mining excavations meet the requirements for fire retardancy, anti-electrostatic properties and non-toxicity, while belt conveyors are equipped with a flame retardant belt, control devices and self-activating extinguishing equipment”.



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